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Microgreens reseeded and making progress

It's been a week now since I reseeded my tial microgreens trays. Last week, I placed the trial trays in a greenhouse to green the seedlings up a little, but by the time I was back from an errand one day, the trays had dried out, and the greens died.

I reseeded them immediately, with new growing pads, and kept them out of the greenhouse.

Before they were killed off by the heat and dryness, I saw that I had not sowed the seed densely enough. In this second attempt, I have placed 4 - 5 tablespoons of seed into each 10/20 tray.

Now a week old, the greens are about two inches tall and dark green. In another week, they should be ready to harvest.

In order to keep the supply of them from running out, I will start new trays this week, and they will be ready a week after the current trays are harvested. Staggering them in this way will allow for weekly harvests.


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